Tinker, Tailor, Turkey, Dud.

After Thursday’s splendid ‘Theology of the Body’ meeting, this film came up in conversation, so i thought i’d submit a little review.

I was looking forward to it, as the newspapers had raved about it, but actually it’s just another run-of-the-mill John Le Carre adaptation. A tip for high-powered film critics – great films don’t have c**p scenes. This one has at least two.

The first is when a supposedly highly-trained super-spy is oddly rooted to the spot for an eternity, waiting to be shot in the back by his assailant who has just fired and missed him from point-blank range. Then later an owl unaccountably flies down a chimney into a classroom. The special effects are embarassing as it ‘flies’ back and forth across the childrens’ desks, before the teacher strikes it down with a rounders bat which happened to be on hand – like something out of Harry Potter.

A recent correspondent to the Telegraph said he wasn’t surprised sales of the book had gone up – people have seen the film and would like to know what it’s all about! When the first Johnny English film appeared a great summary in one of the papers was “You only laugh twice”- but my hunch is that the current sequel is probably no worse than this Tinker Tailor claptrap.

Those of a gentler disposition should also note that it has one or two profoundly nasty bits, and a footnote to this is that i happened to read traitor Kim Philby’s Wikipedia entry at work the other day. Clearly Le Carre gleaned ideas for his plot from Philby’s dreadful charge-sheet (especially an episode involving Turkey), and amazingly, towards the bottom of the article, one can see a Soviet postage stamp depicting Philby, presumably in the 60s or 70s. I defy anyone to deny that he is a dead ringer for Gary Oldman’s George Smiley!

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