Hot Topics / YouCat discussion – 9 Feb

Youcat discussion on again this Thurs.

Details see below in previous email eg where it is, how to buy Youcat and remember to bringb £2 for sisters.

Possible questions are:

6. Can we grasp God at all in concepts? Is it possible to speak about him meaningfully?
Chapter Two: God Approaches Us Men
7. Why did God have to show himself in order for us to know what he is like.
8. How does God reveal himself in the Old Testament
9. What does God show us about himself when he sends his Son to us?
10. With Jesus Christ, has everything been said or does revelation continue after him?
11. Why do we hand on the faith?
12. How can we tell what belongs to the true faith?
13. Can the Church err in questions of faith?

Then maybe…if time allows…
14. Is Sacred Scripture true?
15. How can Sacred Scripture be “truth” if not everything in it is right?
16. What is the right way to read the Bible.

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