Medjugorje Youth Festival 2012

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Medjugorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Youth Festival
date: 31st July – 7th August

price: £395

The Medjugorje Youth Festival 2012 – with Medjugorje Pilgrimages. Join over 50,000 young people from more than 60 countries from around the world in a truly unforgettable celebration at the 2012 Medjugorje Youth Festival. The programme begins at 9am each day with morning prayer, talks & testimonies and praise and worship. At 12pm there is a break for pilgrims to rest or explore and the programme continues at 4pm-6pm with more talks & testimonies.

The Medjugorje youth festival evening programme begins with the Rosary and is followed by a beautiful Holy Mass. This is usually followed with a powerful holy hour of adoration of the blessed sacrament.

During the later evening there is another event or performance at the youth festival. The community of Cenacalo put on a spectacular play for the pilgrims and there is a procession of the statue of Our Lady around the village of Medjugorje.

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