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Hi everyone! Happy Easter!

Please pray for a culture of life throughout the Easter season. 

I also invite you to join the Catholic Youth Pro-Life forum facebook group:

This is a great new facebook group where young Catholics can discuss life ethics such as euthanasia and abortion in light of Church teaching.

There is a great surge in the youth pro-life movement at the moment. This is a great way to put our Catholic beliefs into practice as we defend the vulnerable whether through action or simply prayers.

A message from Fr. Frank Pavone from Priests for Life

We are in the season of the Resurrection, a special period of 50 Days from the Easter Vigil to Pentecost Sunday, in which the Church proclaims with particular emphasis and joy that death has been conquered and that by our baptism we have a share in the Risen Life of Christ!

This is the season of life. We therefore invite all believers to pray the “Easter Prayer for Life” each day, to counteract the most widespread and violent attack on human life in our day, which is abortion. Please let us know that you are joining in this prayer campaign by filling out the form below. 

God bless you!
Fr. Frank Pavone

An Easter Prayer for Life

Lord Jesus Christ,
You are the Author of Life,
Who died and now lives forevermore.

May we who work and pray
That children in the womb may be protected
Always draw strength, confidence, and joy
From Your victory over death, 

For you are Lord forever and ever. Amen.

(See the Priests for Life website for the form and more info:

Bristol Students will be holding more discussions, fundraising and volunteering opportunities after Easter. The new committee, recently elected in, will keep you guys in the loop about this. It is always great to have some TNT members at our events and we hope to see you soon!
God Bless

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